For Revenge – Second Chance

What is Second Chance? it is the second album of the band called FOR REVENGE. they’re just released this album a week ago. and I will write about the concept and the music of For Revenge Second Album.

the concept:

Second Chance could be translated to many meaning, Translate it yourself :p well, why Second Chance? it’s because we want to give another shot and make the second shot better than the first shot. it has to be a reason behind second chance. what should I say? the biggest reason is because our First Album was a total Failure… the songs, Sound, Themes and the sale was completely scrapped! besides, we have undergo so many change of formation. that’s it! we grown tired of changing the formation over and over again. that’s why no matter how hard, no matter how many times we having argument, no matter how hard to mix our differences into one, we will keep and stay as this formation in this second album and for ever after! we need to change! and as the result, The SECOND CHANCE album was born. and it has been released. many thanks for everyone that participating in the album production.

Well, that’s the short concept about the album. shall we move on to the next part? alright. the next part is about the Music itself.

The Music is drastically changed and completely different than the first album. when the first album is all about our selfishness and idealism, the Second Chance is more and more easy listening, many generations can enjoy to the song in this album (perhaps) overall, it’s more compromise than the first album. we’re still call our music EMO, Post Hardcore, and Rock. but it has been softened very much… that’s why I say that many generations can listen and enjoy to the song.

what else you want to know? since I’ve already wrote about this band in my post before. here is the shortlink:

The Song list of this album:

1. Life (do we choose to be born)

2. The Children

3. Second Chance

4. Fiksi

5. The Wall

6. Permainan Menunggu

7. Lentera

8. Pulang

9. Sendiri

10. Termentahkan

11. Afterlife (To Sleep, To Die)

here’s the picture of the band. the Final Formation that we hope longlasting ever..
Left To Right:

Boniex Noer: Vocals

Moch Pribadie Nugraha: Bass

Arie Pribadi: Drum

Arief Ismail: Guitar

Hagie Juliandri: Guitar



fr cikole 144

one bonus “Unreleased” picture 😀

fr cikole 134

here’s the link to access many information about For Revenge.

that’s all I can say about this band and it’s second album.

if you wish to buy our album. just comment this post 🙂


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